From Blockchain to Open-Source Finance (in English)

When the Bitcoin Whitepaper was released at the high-point of the 2008 financial crisis, few would have predicted the major implications it would have, not just for a small group of internet enthusiasts but for Global Finance. Yet, 10 years after the mining of the first Bitcoin, ambitious projects are building the rails on which a decentralized financial system will operate. A Blockchain-based financial system built on the principles of 1) permissionless access, 2) interoperability and 3) open-source could change the way how the financial system operates forever. This talk will explore the opportunities and challenges which lie ahead.

Gabriele Musella & Oleg Giberstein

Bio: Gabriele Musella, Coinrule CEO: International experience in USA, Finland, Italy, and UK at leading organizations such as Vodafone, Nokia, WPP, British Government and MIT in Boston. He worked in Fintech at the Innovation Labs of Lloyds Banking Group and UBS Bank. MSc degree from the Polytechnic University of Milan and Postgraduate Executive Strategy & Business Programs at the London School of Economics and Harvard University. From 2016, Lead Mentor at Google and Mentor at Virgin Startups. Previous startup experience with Paylinko, a Fintech-payment venture. Launched Coinrule in January 2018. Oleg Giberstein, Coinrule COO: Worked 4 years in Banking and in Global Public Sector at Citigroup London. MPhil International Relations Degree from University of Oxford. Experience working in Economic Development at The Portland Trust where Oleg helped to develop a tech ecosystem in Palestine. Previous startup experience with Guidelighter, a peer-to-peer mentoring platform. Caught the Crypto bug in 2017 and has been since also been working as a Token Economics analyst, ICO Due Diligence reviewer and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance organizer in London. Together with Gabriele launched Coinrule in January 2018.